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By Michael Leppert

One element of homeschooling that adult friends and family wonder about when parents decide to homeschool is the traditional element of graduation and the feeling of closure these ceremonies bring. To ensure that their children experience this wonderful feeling of completion of a major task, many homeschool support groups, Independent Study Programs and charter schools around the country, provide graduation ceremonies for the traditional events – Kindergarten, eighth grade and high school graduations, as well as award presentations and other year-end ceremonies to mark completions of various projects.

American Choir Gown is the leader in ceremonial graduation products, including diplomas, soft and hard diploma covers, for kindergarten and older grads; year-date pendants; a wide assortment of medallions and ribbons for all ages that honor outstanding academic performance, sports achievements — and even one especially for homeschoolers, complete with a red, white and blue ribbon!; tassels that can come in a variety of color combinations (even teddy bear varieties for kinder grads); colorful collars and of course caps, tams, gowns and V-stoles for all sizes of grads. They even offer Kente cloth gowns, caps and stoles for African-American grads who wish to display their heritage!

American Choir Gown also offers “Class of ____” customizable wearing apparel such as baseball caps, T-shirts, towels, sweatshirts, backpacks, wrist bands – virtually anything you could think of to commemorate the rite of passage of the graduate forever.

American Choir Gown can accommodate a wide variety of special custom requests to enable you to commemorate your child’s homeschool years at these important junctures. Their speedy and helpful service will make your graduation experience less stressful and will increase your fond memories of the special day.

Please visit their website, for much more information and call or e-mail them for answers to your questions about making graduation one of the great and memorable experiences for your homeschooled child.MjL