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by Michael Leppert

If you have a child (or yourself) involved in any group effort, be it a sports team, an orchestra, dance ensemble, choir, etc., you know that fundraising is a traditional and important part of the group’s activities. Typical fundraising products are candy, popcorn, donuts . . . practically anything can be used as a fundraiser.

One company, Calendar Fundraising, has the most imaginative idea yet – custom made, affordable calendars 11” x 17” open dimensions, for any organization, product or endeavor. Their approach allows you to combine their product with your activity – car wash, bake sale, 5K sponsored run/walk, etc. You can create a custom calendar with photos that illustrate your activity and provide a year-long value to the purchaser. Also, you can keep your calendar intact and archive it with your other family Memorabilia “forever”. More temporary fundraising products are devoured or used in a short time.

Flexibility Is Key
*  Two ways to generate funds – Calendar Fundraising offers a completely flexible approach to raising funds and providing a service to advertisers and calendar purchasers with two methods:

First, you can sell calendars that contain photos of your funds-seeking group. For instance, you create calendars that have photos of your child’s choir, decorating each of 12 months and offer them to choir families and fans to adorn their homes and offices.

Second, you can offer year-round advertising space on the calendar – logos, display ads, etc., to choir supporters who have businesses and can display the calendar there – auto repair shops, barbershops, offices, stores, coffee shops . . . any sole proprietor business can benefit from advertising in your calendars and showing their support publicly. This also creates Top of Mind Awareness – the key to successful advertising. Those who purchase your calendar will see the business’ logos or ads and be reminded of them, whenever the product/service is needed. This is especially useful for churches, wherein members are encouraged to patronize fellow members’ businesses.

*  You can insert special dates relative to your group – Calendar Fundraising allows you to place concert dates, holidays, etc., into your calendar.

*  3 photo sizes and layouts – CF provides a front cover, full page photo, 8” x 10”; a 2-photo format, 1/2″ x 10″ and a 3- or 4-picture format – 3-1/2″ x 4-1/2″. CF guides you in resolution; you can
supply the proper resolution photos, taken with your phone or digital camera.

*  No restriction on the number you can order – CF allows you to order 1 to 101+ with four per-unit price breaks, giving you complete flexibility if you aren’t sure of how many units you can sell.
You have freedom to re-order whenever you want and the quantity you want — you can adjust to your sales briskness!

*  At the website, you can see attractive examples of existing calendars to get a clear idea of how yours will look.

Let Calendar Fundraising handle your funds generation chores for the coming year and build a memory storehouse as you contribute financially to your group(s)!